Kilimanjaro Packing List

For convenience, Benjamin has compiled a list of recommended trekking items. 

Waterproof backpack for your porter (Max weight 33lbs)

Day pack for you (30-35 litre) Max weight 11lbs (without water)

Trekking poles (optional)

Sleeping-bag: The NorthFace One Bag

Waterproof Stuff Sack for Sleeping Bag

Inflatable insulated ground pad

Trekking Boots (waterproof and breathable)

Ultra light sneakers for camp (optional)



Warm Hat

Light-weight Hat

Scarf / Buff

Sunglasses (mandatory) / Glacier goggles (optional)

Gaiters (useful when encountering snow, scree, etc) (optional)

Raincoat with hood (must be breathable and high quality)

Rain Pants

Light weight gloves & mittens (synthetic and must fit over one another

Fleece / Sweater

Gloves & Mittens (synthetic & must fit over one another)

Long sleeved shirt/s

Long pants

Thermal underwear (wool or synthetic / quick dry) 

Underwear/Bras (wool or synthetic / quick dry)

Several pairs of trekking socks (synthetic / quick dry)

Water bottle (1 litre)

Water Bladder (3 litre)

Cameras (see “Africa Photo Primer”) 

Plastic ziplock bags

Passport/Visa (see “Africa Visa Information”)

Battery packs / chargers for personal electronics

Power Converter

Flashlight (head mounted preferable) with spare batteries

Altitude Sickness Medication as prescribed by your doctor (Example: Diamox)

Personal Medications

Toiletry requirements 

Small towel & wash kit

Wet Wipes

Sun protection cream & lip salve

Basic first aid kit & insect repellent

Blister Kit

Hiking Insoles

Spare batteries

Hand sanitizer


Journal / Book/ downloads of music, books, video games – plan to do all your downloads state side (see WIFI info below)

Electrolyte replacement powder or tablets (optional)

Snacks – lightweight, high energy, high calorie (optional)

Vaccine Records


2006 or newer issue US cash (enough to cover personal expenses and tips)

Some of the trekking gear listed is available for hire at the Kilimanjaro park gates, however choices are limited and in some instances this option may not be available

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