Safari Extensions
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Spa Day

Enjoy spa services, time by the pool, and shake off jet lag!
  • Shake off jet-lag in style
  • Enjoy spa services on a la carte basis (available on your own at the hotel’s spa)
  • To maximize flexibility this booking is made on Bed and Breakfast basis (lunch and dinner available on your own at the hotel’s restaurant)
  • Catch time at the pool and pool bar

You deserve more than a website! A five minute call with our travel pros will allow us to provide the most relevant itineraries, extensions, and pricing to suit your needs.
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Benjamin Walls


"The goal with WALLSabout is not a great vacation, the goal is a life changing experience."

Benjamin Walls is an internationally recognized artist, founder of four successful startups, and an ardent conservationist. His dedication to connect people to the natural world has also led to the founding of WALLSabout Luxury Travel. “I believe there’s nothing more inspiring than our last great wild places — my mission is to reconnect people to those places in dynamic fashion. I do that with my artwork in my galleries, but WALLSabout™ is unique because it allows me to curate a three dimensional experience. The goal with WALLSabout is not a great vacation, the goal is a life changing experience."

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Senior Program Director
Australia & New Zealand

Steve, aka “Fro” resides in Barwon Heads, Australia with his beautiful wife, daughter, and son. He met Benjamin years ago while working at Copper Mountain in Colorado and they’ve been lifelong friends since. Steve has spent the last five years traversing the plains of Africa with WALLSabout™, and is an expert in all things safari. His goal on every adventure is to make you feel completely at home halfway around the world!

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Program Director

Lisa has over a decade of experience leading trips to destinations such as Australia, Cambodia, Chilie, Costa Rica, Nepal, Peru and Vietnam. In addition to her skills as a Program Director, she owns her own small business and is a CPA! One of her favorite quotes is by Howard Thurman who said “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” Lisa remarks, "I truly come alive when I am given the opportunity to delight guests with one-of-a-kind experiences.’ Lisa makes her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

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Emma Harvey


From packing lists to visas to vaccinations - not to mention additional excursions - Emma has all of the answers!

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Benjamin’s hand-picked guides. They aren’t just good – they are the best.
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WALLS Consultant

[email protected]

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WALLS Consultant

[email protected]

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WALLS Consultant

[email protected]
‪(828) 283-0124‬

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WALLS Consultant

[email protected]
(828) 476-4579

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WALLS Consultant

[email protected]
(828) 558-0306

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WALLS Consultant

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(828) 552-4696

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WALLS Consultant

[email protected]

WALLSabout Journeys™ are carefully crafted luxury travel itineraries that are hosted by hand-picked local guides. Each trip is scouted and curated by our founder, Benjamin Walls to provide an ideal in-depth experience of various destinations and includes extraordinary accommodations, custom sightseeing tours, private transportation, most (if not all) meals, domestic airfare, and friendly personal service before and during the trip.

“I utilize the tenacity I have developed as an artist to curate our WALLSabout™ itineraries. I omit countless ‘good’ experiences so I can offer an itinerary that is truly special. For me, it’s about not settling for less than exceptional.” —Benjamin Walls, Founder of WALLSabout™ Travel​

Company Headquarters

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Bristol VA 24201

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Inside the Benjamin Walls Galleries

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